Guelder Rose Heather is a pleasant and soothing plant as a tea, and some find more pleasure from its use as an ale, wine and even a spirit. .

As with all natural remedies consumption of Guelder Rose
should be guided by a qualified herbalist or physician.
This information here is for information purposes only,
and certainly not for prescription.

best use ...  

the flowers, and even the twigs, make a lovely light cup of tea that is calming, restorative and even helps us to breath easier, and also quite warming on a cool or cold day

qualities of Heather are said to be ...

antiseptic - prevents the growth of disease-causing micro-organisms.
choloagogue - supports flow of bile through gall bladder and liver
diaphorectic - opens the pores and promotes perspiration
diuretic - increases urination, useful when clearing toxins
expectorant - mucous breakdown and flow
sedative - calming relief of mental and nervous tension
vasoconstrictor - narrows blood vessels

Making and drinking Heather Ale is quite a legend.
Dried and use of heather as a culinary herb seems to have gone out of fashion, but it is nutritious.

toxicity? ...  as all plants have a nourishing level and toxic level

Consumption of heather to toxic levels is very unlikely by humans.

Daily consumption of heather in various forms used to be very popular with country and travelling people.

Heather Honey is very special with its aroma and distinct flavour.

Folks transport hives to heather moors on a cool evening at the end of July. The hives atay there until the heather flowers start to fade away in later August. It is amazing how much honey can be collected during this short time. Bees find heather flowers very easy to enter and they hold very abundant nectar that the bees convert into honey.

Heather Tea was once very popular.

gather flowering heather
break off the hard woody pieces
spread on a cloth in a cool airy place for about 12 hours
next, put the heather into a liquidiser to break up the heather a bit
spread thinly again over a cloth in a cool airy place
you should see a darkening happen by then
warm up an oven to 200F, 100C or gas mark 1/4
place tray of heather into the oven
leave until it is dry and crispy
if you can do this with a dehydrator, even better.

By itself Heather give a light mild tasting tea
but most people mix 50% Heather tea with 50% regular loose tea.
This makes a delightful flavourful tea.

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